Awkwardness Explained in Bubble Buddies
27th Feb 2016, 8:00 AM
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Awkwardness Explained

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Author Notes:
27th Feb 2016, 8:00 AM

This is a parody, and is not endorsed by Cartoon Network, or the people who make Steven Universe. This is purely for fun.

27th Feb 2016, 11:20 PM

Hello there. Somebody linked me to this comic, you poor unfortunate soul.

I know what Finn needs! He needs to down a little liquid courage! That'll give him the strength he needs!

28th Feb 2016, 4:24 PM

warning associating with Raxon may cause insanity and laughter, please note the internet does not take responsibility for any after effects you experience after exposure to Raxon.

Remember use Raxon responsibly.

serious note, great comic.

8th Mar 2016, 5:53 PM

Oh hey Raxon, wondered when you'd show up!

24th May 2017, 2:40 AM

You know a Campaign Comic has made it when Raxon shows up.

28th Feb 2016, 1:48 AM

Just read all 140 pages and I love this so much. Also loving the naming scheme you've got going, the adaptations of the plots, the story behind the players, and pretty much everything else.

16th May 2017, 8:36 PM

Wander Over Yonder campaign anyone?

-RU =)

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