Anything but Sailor Moon! in Ghosts of RP's Past
3rd Jan 2017, 8:30 AM
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Anything but Sailor Moon!

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3rd Jan 2017, 8:30 AM

Happy Gemuary! The next page will be uploaded tomorrow!

For anybody out there who watched Sailor Moon growing up and didn't realize Sailors Uranus and Neptune were in fact a yuri couple in the original japanese, welcome to the internet!

This is a parody, and is not endorsed by Cartoon Network, or any of the wonderful people who produce the shows which air on it. This is purely for fun.

14th Jan 2017, 9:54 AM

They were still a yuri couple in the American broadcast. It's just that the localization team did such a hack job of trying to hide it that they ended up making them come across as an INCESTUOUS yuri couple.

23rd Mar 2017, 3:40 AM


I see no problems here.

23rd Mar 2017, 3:42 AM

...Odd the dm's rant about Tom is backdropped by Lion... Foreshadowing?

I liked Sailor Moon, and still like it.

The... Dub was not the best, and i would not be against a modern Re-Dub of the original series with less localization.

19th May 2017, 9:21 PM

I kind of want to hear about a time when they tried to do a magical girl campaign along the lines of Sailor Moon, but it fell apart because of a SUPER sadistic DM! Anyone who gets the reference gets an internet cookie! X3

-RU =)

22nd May 2018, 6:13 PM

I would love to read a d&d comic for Sailor Moon

18th Sep 2019, 2:26 PM

If I didn't have too much on my plate I would try my hand at one. probably using the OG animu. need to watch the dubs for 'clean' imgs tho :(

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