She Changed More! in Reformed
3rd Mar 2018, 8:00 AM
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She Changed More!

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3rd Mar 2018, 8:00 AM

The only time BEFORE Reformed that Amethyst became something outside the range of a person or animal, that I can remember, is Dogcopter...which is STILL not as big a change as becoming a helicopter large enough to fly the whole team!

See you Tuesday!

Also yay, more hugs!

3rd Mar 2018, 4:43 PM

She changed her changing!

4th Mar 2018, 8:33 AM

Well technically Dogcopter is half Dog! :D

Great way to incorporate Amethyst's shape-shifting development into the game.
I love the idea of Finn rolling for Group Hug. I also have a suspicion that Bella would have declared it a critical success regardless of what Finn actually rolled ^^

4th Mar 2018, 8:41 AM

Now here's an interesting thought I just had: In either the show or the comic when Amethyst does turn into machines how much of the machine does she ACTUALLY transform into beyond the outside? We know from Crewniverse comments that with their humanoid forms they don't necessarily have internal organs unless they specifically shape-shift them (such as Amethyst creating a digestive system or Rose creating a womb) so presumably Amethyst doesn't for example shape-shift an entire helicopter engine when she turns into one. Also of course GEM bodies are hard light so chopperthyst probably wouldn't need as much lift as a real helicopter anyway.
Sorry, I got on a bit of a tangent there.

29th Oct 2019, 2:28 PM

Phoebe:"Darnit Bonnie you turned her the Gay didn't you?!"
Bonnie:"I... will neither confirm nor deny this"

Sorry, that was too funny not to share XD

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