Give The Girl A Win! in Super Watermelon Throwdown!
13th Jul 2020, 9:00 AM
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Give The Girl A Win!

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Author Notes:
13th Jul 2020, 9:00 AM

Jake's made of tougher stuff than to go quitting over a couple of rocket fists. She might still complain about being shot with rocket fists, but what (comparably) sane person wouldn't?

14th Jul 2020, 6:29 PM

I enjoy the gag that, when the CGs aren't immediately rushing to attack like usual and go for a goofier style, it's the PCs wanting to give someone a win.
I'm awfully curious about if Jake rolled to call Yellow Diamond with the idea in mind to quit to her face or if it was just coincidental that she was inspired to do so because of the conversation. I did have the idea that maybe Jake was unsatisfied by Peridot's quick redemption and wanted to orchestrate an event that would have her become fully disillusioned with Homeworld.
I am pondering how much of Peridot's arc will be covered, though, since she still goes through a lot to become a fully good person (learning not to mock insecurities for jokes, treating Garnet as an actual person, understanding that she is flawed and still has room to grow, etc.) A lot of it could be skipped for the sake of time and due to the fact that it might not fit within the perimeters of an RPG like this, but on the other hand, I can imagine Jake wanting to really get in-depth with developing out Peridot's character.

16th Jul 2020, 5:01 AM

Just gonna say, Peridots mech always looked too... Clean?

It does not look like it was made from Barn Junk, like Pearls did... Makes it feel like the design was intended for something else, maybe a fight with her, that got scrapped, and they liked the design too much to just NOT use it?

Also, name ideas for it? My vote is in Doritamus Prime!

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