Cast List

Finn Mertens, a young boy who lives next door to the Petrikov household of Simon & Betty.  While watching him for their neighbor the boy discovered the hidden campaign notes for 'The Crystal Gems' campaign and convinced Betty to resume the game while endearing himself to the party.


Finn plays Steven Universe, the half-gem son to Greg Universe and Rose Quartz.  In text he is denoted by a bright hot pink color.  His experiences are thus far limited to the one table and one visit to Crit-Con where he got to battle Shelby Brady to a draw, in addition to a session he GM-ed for a small group of friends, and Donny.


Finn tries to maintain a degree of optimism and energy around the table while promoting positivity and talking things through.  Something which seems bizarrely lost on the adults who often bicker and squabble.  This positivity is often jokingly referred to by Phoebe as making him 'magic'.  



Betty Groff-Petrikov.  Primary GM of the table and the Crystal Gems campaign.  Formerly played the character of Rose Quartz when the game was run by her adopted sister Bella Noche, and currently in addition to duties as GM, plays the role of Steven's 'pet' Lion.


Betty has something of a rivalry and enjoyment of testing herself against Phoebe's build and will often stat beasts and enemies with Phoebe in mind rather than the whole party.  Which can prove a little hazardous.  Began gaming with her sister at a study session where nobody wanted to study and instead played a game of Risk.


Betty is often portrayed using either bright yellow or a pale light pink.  As a GM, aside from statting things, she CAN be lazy passing the buck of responsibility or exposition off.  Usually to Bonnie or Simon.


Phoebe Flame (changed from Smith 'cause she thought it sounded cooler), plays the role of Garnet, and is a munchkin of the purest most unrestrained form living for creating the most broken and overpowered builds she can possibly get away with.  Or the most underpowered she can get away with for sake of her amusement.  Phoebe carries an extensive character history beginning with a game when she was only six.  She eventually left to play at tables with people BESIDES her dad and 'uncles who are technically just family friends' and met Tom who introduced her to Min-Maxing.  The two became something of a team, and friends.


The pair would eventually split after the events of the Death Spiral Campaign where Tom's character Kamina was killed off and he took up Bonnie's offer of a game with Mary Weers.  Phoebe seems to still be blind to what a jerk this has made Tom, or rather what a jerk he's always been.


Phoebe is represented with a burgundy color.  A few of her old favorite builds include 'The Freakazoid', Johnny Bravo, Simon (Gurren Lagann), and Garnet.  As a GM, Phoebe is usually just out to get a laugh.



Bonnibelle Bǎozàng-Day plays the role of the noble gallant warrior of tragic love, Pearl.  She is also a bit of a drama queen and living exposition machine loving putting on a bit of a show with her characters.  Has a tendency to be quite wordy however has little tolerance for foul language, especially since children have started to sit at the table.  Started a Swear Jar after Tom shouted "who the hell do you think I am?' almost ten times in one night just to hopefully dissuade him.  It didn't.


Bonnie has a history at tables dating back to when she first met Mackenzie Blair and Damien Weers, son of Mary Weers.  After being effectively muscled out of the table for reasons she keeps to herself, though she will insist leaving was her choice and nobody else's.  Her characters all usually have some level of tactical expertise or tendency to be the brains of the group.  That or a villain due to her villain laugh which she is often teased about by the table.


Bonnie is represented with a light blue text bubble.


Marceline Abadeer plays the role of Amethyst, a quartz soldier built using a template started, but never used by Phoebe.  Previously 'the new girl' of the table she was quick to accept Finn into the fold to help shake off the old label.  A music teacher she introduced Jake, one of her students, to the table.  A fairly easy-going young woman, Marceline tends to follow the 'rule of cool' or whatever sounds the most fun for her.  Rarely caring for the actual story as much as looking or doing something cool.


Her original table split up, badly, with Marceline caught in the middle.  Simon found her and brought her to the table where she met Phoebe and Bonnie and like a stray they just got fond of they kept her around.  Tends to be quick to anger but is 'getting better about it'.  Drew the most 'flack' for her character Princess Ilana, who was just a bad parody and joke about Bonnie.  Her favorite character from the past is the Samurai named Jack.


Marceline is represented by purple.


Simon Petrikov, the player of Greg, and the primary GM of the 'Land of Ooo' campaign.  A player with a fairly long history of games and characters, with plenty of experience and wisdom to share.  The primary artist at the table, he works to do most of the drawing for their games upon request.


Given Greg's nature as a human in a campaign built around fantastical aliens, Simon often simply sits out the games and enjoys the show, or else fills in as a secondary GM to his wife.  Once upon a time he played the role of Bismuth but has since shelved her for reasons he keeps to himself.  When sitting out the games he is usually napping and for it can be cranky when prompted.


Simon is presented using a plain grey color.


Jake LeChien plays the roles of Connie and Peridot, and in spite of her name is in fact a girl.  Her 'new-age non-gender conformist' parents having had the 'bright' idea to name her such.  If has made her the victim of some teasing and with some emotional baggage she channels into a need to prove herself.


Jake is presented using either a pale teal color or a bright green.  A mixture of her own inquisitveness, an inability to keep quiet, and her own overzealous nature often leave her a the victim, probing GMs a little too far digging her characters into a hole.


Bella Noche was the original creator behind the Crystal Gems campaign, as well as plays Lapis Lazuli.  Betty's adopted younger sister she has a strong relationship with her sister often relying on her to help keep her out of her own head at times.  Upon rejoining the table after a publisher she worked for went under she quickly bonded with Finn and his enthusiastic wholeheartedness.


Bella has always had an unusual talent towards tabletop games, beginning her 'roleplaying' career with a comically modified version of Risk she built the rules for on request.  Able to run combat phases in her head simultaneously.  However these talents come with certain setbacks such as losing track of where the IC drama bleeds over into OOC.  Bella is represented with blue bubbles or boxes, switching back and forth between roles as a player and as a Co-GM.


Tom is the player of Jasper.  Tom has had a colorful history beginning at an unknown table.  The most known about him is what Phoebe has shared from her own time with him visiting past tables.  Tom once competed in the Yaburu Muda with his character Katsuki Bakugou only to lose to the virtual unknown, Micah, and his strange dice move the d-Infinity.


As he is now, Tom works for Mary Weers as an agent handling acquiring campaigns for her at various tables, demonstrating to GM's how little they know about their own creations frequently and often to diastrous effect.  The last known 'Good' Character Tom played was Kamina who had a heroic death before Tom left.


Tom is represented by orange.

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