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Guest comics, and joke comics will go here.

Meet Beach City

Covering some of our local NPCs

GeM Origins

The GeM's Players and their Beginnings

Meet the Gems

A loose kind of introductory chapter while I get used to this program I'm using.

Gem Glow

Finn/Steven gets a crash course in Crystal Gem heroics.

Laser Light Cannon

Steven and the Gang search for a lost Gem Weapon

Cheeseburger Backpack

Finn/Steven's first Dungeon Crawl

Together Breakfast

Never Game Over Breakfast


The Lamentation of the Fries

Cat Fingers

Where good spells go bad...

Bubble Buddies

Jake/Connie joins the GMs on her first adventure

Bella Noche

A skype chat leads to the birth of a new adversary

Steven's Lion

What happens when your bard takes a level in druid

Giant Woman

We finally introduce Fusion

Indirect Kiss

Realizing a lack of a healer; Betty forces the group's hand to unlock new abilities for Steven.

On The Run

Finn growing curious about Amethyst's origins leads to a revelation about Pearl and Amethyst's past...

Lars and the Cool Kids

Finn hosts a game for some how it goes hilariously wrong!

Ghosts of RP's Past

The GeMs reminisce on past games

Lion 2

Bonnie runs a game for Finn and Jake

Coach Steven

Meeting Sugilite inspires Finn to have some Beach City citizens work out...what could go wrong?

Mirror Gem

Bella Noche arrives to stir things up...

Ocean Gem

The Riptide Queen Steals Summer!

Heroes And Hooligans

While Bonnie's Away, Phoebe Takes Over with a hero campaign

Monster Buddies

The GeMs finally convert to Shadowrun and decide to test it out by turning an enemy to a friend

Marble Madness

Jake finally introduces her new character

Fusion Cuisine!

Jake's parents show up...

Alone Together

Connie and Steven Fuse!...what else?


Something Wicked This Way Comes


The Land of Ooo campaign - Now with 500% more vampires!

The Return

An old friend/foe returns to battle for the campaign


The GeMs get one last chance to win the game back

Sworn To The Sword

Bonnie runs a training won't end well


Marceline is reluctant to give Amethyst a respec

Keeping It Together

The GeMs take a trip back to the Kindergarten and battle a little green gem!

We Need To Talk

To avoid talking about one story, Simon talks about another!

Cry For Help

Phoebe has an probably won't end well!

Keystone Motel

Simon's attempt at couple's counselling

Onion Friend

A visit from an old friend...who nobody but Marceline knows

Historical Friction

A brief mention of Crit-Con before we get back to the GeMs and their usual antics (hopefully)

Friend Ship

To mend a broken friendship, the best solutions are apology or tragedy...but how does one mend a broken ship? Don't think an I'm sorry will cut it.

Catch and Release

The GeMs finally decide its try and recruit a new party member!

Back To The Barn!

By which I mean TO the Barn for the first time as Pearl tries to teach Peridot about Friendship through engineering!

Setting The Stage

The Crystal GMs go into crunch time to get ready for their show-down with Tom.

Super Watermelon Throwdown!

Tom returns again (so soon?) And we finally get their big fight! Hopefully!