Bagel Sandwiches!
19th May 2017, 8:30 AM
Bagel Sandwiches!
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Author Notes:
19th May 2017, 8:30 AM

Happy Birthday to ANW!

Yeah, best title I had and an attempt to inject more levity considering how this arc is definitely going a darker path than I intended, and trying to bring it back to more silly times, and hit and miss jokes.

Next page is Tomorrow, Saturday.

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Cyborg7221 (Guest)

19th May 2017, 9:18 AM

Is Bella really okay? I'm detecting a hint of Aangvanced's Manny, here.

Also... Gem levels???

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19th May 2017, 9:52 AM

I wouldn't say she's at Manny's level, it's more like she's getting carried away with her ideas. Mind you, I get the feeling that the "are you okay" comment was more in surprise to Bella's reaction to Finn's joke. Maybe Betty didn't expect Bella to find it that funny?

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19th May 2017, 5:22 PM

now i want to know about Gem Levels..?

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19th May 2017, 9:59 PM

I get the feeling that his good humor wins Bella over.

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Gabrote42 (Guest)

14th Apr 2021, 3:07 PM

CYM foreshadowing? That's so unreadable

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Ghost (Guest)

5th Sep 2021, 5:31 AM

Players-Hey there’s a prestige class you perfectly built for!
Gm- (Hides sourcebook) nothing to see here. Move along.

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