A Hot Mess
31st Jul 2017, 11:00 PM
A Hot Mess
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Author Notes:
31st Jul 2017, 11:00 PM

If you missed the 'original' announcement and are just joining and confused, we are having a new page uploaded every hour today until tomorrow! The 'first' page of today is here: http://crystalgms.thecomicseries.com/comics/491

Next page will be in an hour!

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Xaran Alamas (Guest)

1st Aug 2017, 2:55 AM

I'll admit, I burst out laughing when I scrolled down and saw how you were using Alexandrite here x)

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2nd Aug 2017, 9:35 AM

I saw the brown and... wierdly immediatly assumed jake was Damien's kid

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2nd Aug 2017, 10:19 AM

Hahaha, nope. No such luck...to be clear BAD luck as that would make Mary Weers her grandmother. Which is not something I'd wish on anyone...

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Cliff Robotnik (Guest)

26th Oct 2017, 9:12 AM

Everyone's finally stable enough to try the much dreaded x4 fusion combo... And they cannot decide on appearance....hah...

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Gabrote42 (Guest)

16th Apr 2021, 6:24 AM

How is this gonna work out? My guess is either full OOC or a game demonstration which goes belly up. Exciting

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