Never So Happy
13th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM
Never So Happy
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Author Notes:
13th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM

Next page is Monday, Next Week!

Hope you're having a happy Friday the 13th this October!...I'm not superstitious but that is a fine coincidence.

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13th Oct 2017, 11:01 PM

Evidently, Tom has no respect for assassinos nor traps.

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Xaran Alamas (Guest)

14th Oct 2017, 7:28 AM

I've a feeling the 'most powerful SINGULAR gem' thing is going to come back to bite Tom >:]

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Wuzz (Guest)

14th Oct 2017, 4:18 PM

To be honest, I feel as though that was intentional, given the sentence structure. It is one of those tropes in writing that, even if unintentional, a lot of times are made in the sense of revisiting. Even if Jasper was to say "Jasper is the single most powerful gem", it'd still preserve the meaning of the prophecy.

Though, the mentioning of it as being the most powerful /singular/ gem tends to hint that maybe Tom will come to use that in a sort of dialogue that leads to him going "most powerful singular gem.... let's see what happens when I combine then" or something. I can only imagine how difficult it is to write around a rather preset narrative like this though, so I'm curious to see if a hunch comes true.

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Xaran Alamas (Guest)

16th Oct 2017, 9:48 AM

Something that occurs to me with Phoebe and Bonnie playing Sapphire and Ruby respectively is thus far Tom has been able to predict Phoebe playing and, possibly, Bonnie (we didn't see him take on Pearl and Amethyst afterall) but I doubt he's seen them working together. I'm guessing the comic version of the Stronger Than You sequence will be Phoebe and Bonnie jointly playing Garnet, the combination of which is likely something Tom will not be properly prepared for.

Though this also makes me curious about Sardonyx in this setting if Garnet was originally a fusion of Bonnie and Phoebe's GemPCs. Maybe this experience will make them start thinking about a Garnet/Pearl fusion? :D

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Non-Euclidean (Guest)

15th Oct 2017, 3:04 PM

Having just read the Aangvanced one, I actually found a working motive for Weers. It's not about the campaign or how it's played in the privacy of your own table. Remember, she is introduced as the foremost DnD author.

So, it's actually about owning the rights to the homebrew setting so that she can have exclusive rights to write in that setting. Avoid royalties, proper crediting, licenses, ect. Also, able to sue anyone else with an even slightly similar idea in publication.

And a recording of the setting in play between her OP players and the original creators? That's a story or series all on its own that those participating literal just abandoned their hold on.

That just leaves the question of is there enough money and prestige involved to fuel that sort of behavior. And well, some people just can't let go of being number one.

So yeah. Totally hated the out of game story as it was introed because even you seemed to not know why it was happening. But with that added in I could see it and am completely on board now.

So, while stealing the setting as presented doesn't make too much sense in the real world, it does make the player's desperate. That reflects in their actions as characters which are in the recording the first book would be based on. Even if it's unenforceable, even if it's a total bluff, it makes sense because of how it makes the victims act. Even the speed of advancement makes sense, it gives them no time to realize 'hey, there's no legal reason this has to affect our personal play' to keep them in that panicked, dramatic state.

Really, the whole thing falls in place rather beautifully when the reason for it all is that Weers wants a good, easy to slap together story with minimal effort.

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